30th July – International Day of Friendship
How much of a friend are you being to yourself right now? We often hear would you speak to a child like that? Would you speak to your best friend the way you have just spoken to yourself? Chances are you probably wouldn’t.

Sometimes we can feel that we have friends that let us down, partners that criticise, relatives that are quick to add their two cents in, but actually sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

What if for a day, okay a morning, even the next hour, could you try bringing a pause in to whatever you are up to, and just ask yourself, what is the kindest thing I could do for myself right now? What do I really need right now? What is the most nourishing, compassionate activity that would bring me joy, top me up, relax me or energise me? Any chance you can do some of that, or at least look at how you can bring more of whatever it is in to life more. Often, as in almost always, what we actually need doesn’t cost a lot if anything, and often doesn’t need to take up a huge amount of time.

If you were your best friend right now, what would you be giving yourself?