But what does living authentically actually look like?  What will it feel like?

  1. There will be more of a groundedness about you, you won’t live so much in your head, you will tap in to your heart, your body for more clues, more answers.
  2. We can start to notice what and who helps us feel more aligned.  We can start to become more conscious about how we are spending our time and who we are spending it with.
  3. We notice those times of flow, of ease.  We feel we can breathe a bit deeper.  We can pause, we can slow down.
  4. It may be around trusting more, not needing to know every answer, not needing every piece of the puzzle just yet, having faith that more and all will be revealed when the time is right.
  5. I remember remembering that I was still funny, I still have a sense of humour.  Smiling more, laughing more.
  6. I have stories to share, I often talk about when I got bored of hearing myself say “I saw this thing on facebook.”  When we are living authentically we are saying yes to life and have much more to share.
  7. Our phone can start to beep and ping again as we connect more and engage more in the world.
  8. But we can also be off our phone more.  We can find that maybe for a wee while or an afternoon we were so engrossed in what we were doing that we don’t know where our phone is or didn’t reach for it.
  9. We get those bursts of joy, in sometimes the randomest of situations.
  10. We have space.  We are not filling up every moment with something that we feel we should be doing, or something for every other person in our life.
  11. Life can seem lighter, more playful, more fun.  Maybe adventures, variety, spontaneity.
  12. We can hear, listen and act on our intuition.  We respond to those gut feelings, the messages that we receive.
  13. Sure the healing journey is ongoing, more layers to peel back and let go of, but we can absolutely feel more and more free as we move through this journey…
  14. You will get glimpses of this at first, and then you will want more, and not more in a headbased, potentially financial kind of way, but in a heartbased, inspired, aligned kind of way.
  15. It can feel like a homecoming, and that is exactly what it is.  We can relinquish the searching.  We can let go of the constant need for the next thing, the next place.  We have found our home.  We have found exactly where we need to be right there inside of us.

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