A collection of thoughts from 2019.

“I’ve got it,” I said as I burst out the toilet, “I know what I want for my logo!”

I had been trying to get my head around a logo for a long time, and the answer was finally found, thanks to this little piece on the bathroom wall…..

We had been out for dinner as a group and enjoying one of those ‘quick coffees’, that turned in to a great three hour conversation, and now would be remembered for this lightbulb moment too!

One of the group said if it’s meant to be, you’ll see another ten hummingbirds soon…. We were in The Netherlands at the time, this may be tricky…..

The hunt was on….

Wondering how I was going to ten see hummingbirds while in The Netherlands, it wasn’t long before we saw the first hummingbird on the side and end of this truck just a couple of days later…

They say hummingbirds are symbols of tenacity and endurance as sometimes they are known to travel 2000miles to reach their destination…

The journey of personal development and self-awareness is not always an easy one. I do have clients say, ‘why does it have to be so hard Liz’. We talk about how long we have had certain beliefs running or how imprinted these are in our minds, and I reassure them that it is so worth it.

So like the hummingbird’s endurance to get where it wants to go, it can take persistence and courage to keep working on ourselves, that’s why it can be great to have a coach or positive people around for accountability and encouragement.?

One of the next hummingbirds we saw was in a beautiful gift shop in the Lake District, UK.

It is said that with their long thin beaks, hummingbirds can reach through to get to the sweet nectar.

Sometimes when we are struggling or down, we can find it hard to find the good stuff, find the positives or think about what we are grateful for.

I often say to people don’t write a gratitude practice off as woo woo or similar, it really does start changing how we view the world, those around us and ourselves.

We are often told to think big, dream big, with gratitude think small. Look for the little things. There will always be something to be grateful for. Some days we just need to look a bit harder than others.

These hummingbirds were found at London Heathrow on our way back to New Zealand. While in the UK we had also seen them on wine bottles and a pair of earrings and once back in New Zealand on my friend’s screen saver. We were well over ten and it was looking like this was meant to be!

But is it a New Zealand native someone said to me. “No,” I replied, “the meaning is a lot more personal”. I had a great Aunty Dorothy, who called me her hummingbird. She noticed that whenever I was happy and doing my thing I would be humming a little tune…

This can still be the case sometimes, along with some whistling or even singing…

Hummingbirds have wings that can beat up to 80 times per second giving the world their tune…

Is the world hearing your tune, your message? What would help get you back in to your happy place and humming/whistling/singing your unique song…

The beautiful painting that is now hung up in my coaching room. Spotted and sent to me to add to my count to 10, not intending me to snap it up and buy it! How could I not! Thank you once again Jordyn Ashlee Art.

It is said that hummingbirds can also remind us to embrace our freedom and trust in our instincts…

It can feel very hard to feel free when we are struggling, we can feel trapped and the future looks uncertain. When we are looking after ourselves better, loving ourselves more and in a happier place, we do learn to trust ourselves more and this ripples out in to relationships and those around us.?

Well beyond ten ‘sightings’, I was convinced!

Love this cushion made for me by Hemmingbird….. Its beak deep in to the nectar of the flower.

Apparently, hummingbirds have the unique ability to fly backwards, sideways and hover up and down, which can be a great reminder to keep our hearts and mind open. To be flexible, embrace change and as mentioned yesterday trust…..?

Last year a friend showed me this beautiful photo he took of a real hummingbird at The Sacred Valley, Peru. He, Ian K. Brown, firmly recommends that you go and visit these hummingbirds in person! Think I need to put Peru on the bucket list!

In some cultures, hummingbirds are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy…

As we work on ourselves and heal wounds, we bring love and joy in to our lives. This beautifully has a way of rippling out to those around us.

As for luck, when we are more connected with ourselves, the Universe does a great job to bring more of those wonderful ‘coincidences’ in to our path….?