Road trip time.

Car is packed and you are on your way, destination may be known, it may not be.

You’ve been driving for a bit, and there’s a sign that says scenic lookout.  Do you stop?

Bit further along there is a lovely looking cafe and you are feeling a bit peckish or maybe in need of coffee.  Do you stop?

A while in to the journey you see a sign for some waterfalls that you’ve always wanted to visit, but always driven past.  Do you go and explore?

You see cars parked in the streets and there seems to be a market on.  Do you stop?

I remember while road tripping about a year ago my heart and soul would be wanting to stop and explore/investigate, but my head would be determined to get to wherever we were going, even if we didn’t know.  That time my heart and soul won and I was so grateful, had a beautiful curious experience.

This can also be applied in life.  When are you going to stop along the way, rather than constantly striving and driving to get somewhere.  Where are the places, you can take in how far you have come, when can you recharge, or explore or have fun?

​It’s not about the destination, it is so about the journey…