Something I hear very often.
It is often followed by a story about an art teacher or another influencing adult saying something that stopped us in our tracks. We could have been drawing away totally happy, and then that thunderbolt comes in and cuts us to the core. That, is then often followed by the person sharing the embarrassment or humiliation they felt in that moment.

I get it. I had that art teacher. As we were choosing our subjects she turned to my friend who sat next to me and said “how come you are not doing a creative subject?” To which my friend replied “because I don’t have any spare options.”

While happily tackling the bowl of fruit in front of me and feeling at least some connection to my efforts, I piped up “I’m not doing a creative subject either.”

“That’s because you’re not creative. Your friend here is.”

That was that moment for me.

Creativity is huge, it’s not just whether you can draw or not, it’s not just whether you can sing or not, it covers so much from dealing with situations, finding solutions, entrepreneurship, innovation, thinking outside the box, problem solving and much more.

What has someone said that is continuing to stop you exploring something new, fulfilling a dream, trying something different?

Is it time that changed?