Connection to me is vital, and I see four different areas that connection is important to me.

Firstly some will have a connection with a Higher Self or Being, the Universe, or God, and the relationship and connection you have there.

Secondly, it is how we are connected with those around us, we know that different people come in to our lives at different times and for different reasons, and as above some people love having lots of people around them, and others are much more focussed on having a trusted inner circle. Quality over quantity. There is no right or wrong, different people have different needs.

Thirdly, is how well connected are we with ourselves, and that could be anything from how well we know ourselves to how much we love ourselves, what makes us tick, what makes our heart sing, what makes us sad, what do we need, what is on our bliss list when it comes to self care, what our core values are and it is this one that is the real core for me and the journey I go on with a lot of my clients.

Fourthly, how are we connecting with nature, our environment, the world around us. Are we getting out enough, fresh air, toes in the sand, walking mindfully through the bush, or sitting watching the water? Whatever may be your thing.

When you look at these three, does one of them stand out to you? Why’s that? Is it because you feel you have a great circle of support and friends for example, it stands out in a positive way, or maybe one stands out because it isn’t happening, and its standing out in a negative way. When we can identify what we are feeling disconnected to, then we can start identifying things that will help.

We can often turn to people as our go to when we are struggling, or maybe a particular person, often a partner. When we can identify that there are other ways to help us feel connected and supported, this can become a healthier way to meet our needs for ourselves and ultimately heal.

What do you feel would help you feel more connected right now?

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