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It really is about the small acts.

When I was over in Hawke’s Bay volunteering post-cyclone, what I was hearing time and time again was that it was the small acts of kindness from people that really made a difference for people.  Whether it was a check-in, a warm dinner, some extra bedding, some kind words, a listening ear, an invitation, a helping hand.

In a world that has never been so connected, we have become so very disconnected in a human to human everyday kind of way.  We are losing the essence of who we are in terms of connection, community, togetherness.  Human beings being human.

While on one trip to Hawke’s Bay I heard the phrase ‘little by little, a little becomes a lot’ – a Tanzanian proverb.  This is absolutely true when it comes to love.  These acts of love, whether for someone else or some small acts of self care and kindness to ourselves ripple out and do add up to make a lot.

A little love means a lot was created to recognise and celebrate those acts of kindness, of love.

Would love these stories, and the love, to reach far and wide…

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When a little love has meant a lot for you?

What’s your story?  What’s your experience of someone doing something for you that made a difference to your day, your week, your life?  Maybe it was anonymous, maybe it was someone you’ve known for years or maybe it was someone that you’ve only got to know recently, or maybe you didn’t know them.

Maybe it was an act that you did, that in that beautiful way, you got the warm fuzzies too. In this busy, slightly full-on world, I often talk about finding the gold in the chaos.

Together we can create and share more of that gold.

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