Other Services

I love learning.  I love seeing what else is out there that I can add to my toolbox and share with you.  Elizabeth Gilbert talks of the Curiosity Driven Life, and I try and take that approach in many areas of my life, particularly in the area of self-development and growth.  I love going to different events, trying different things, seeing if things resonate and exploring the ones that do.  I have taken this approach in my journey of wellbeing, and I believe it really helps open our hearts and minds to what is out there.

Public Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker?

Whether it is for a small group that you are a part of, or whether it is for a wellness event you are running at work, or for something completely different, I would love to have a chat.  I am more than happy to share a particular topic or speak on a particular theme, or simply share my story from burnout and booze to hope, love and curiosity!


Healing works beautifully alongside coaching if it is your cup of tea.  It may help cement in some of the work we do, it may give further insights, it could simply be part of your self-care routine.

It is certainly available outside of my coaching work if you feel you want to bring this aspect in to your life more.

I am a Master Angelic Reiki Practitioner, as well as using other healing modalities. Healing is a beautiful way to take back our power and restore balance between our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Be Bold

There are many Life Coaches, but only three Be Bold facilitators. I decided to become one after doing the work for myself. It is very much based on finding out our core beliefs and gaining more awareness and understanding of how they show up in our life.

As the name suggests, it is around 'Being Bold' in life and showing up to the world. Living the life you want and creating a more fulfilling happier life.

It can be hard to bring flow, balance, happiness and connection in to life without a stable foundation. Through increased self-awareness and taking responsibility for our lives, Be Bold helps us to start the journey of change. Change is sustainable and has long lasting benefits.


My goal is to help you to reconnect back to you. I would love to help you live a happier, more authentic life equipped with tools and understandings to be able to continue to grow without my help.