Working with me

As described by someone I have had the honour to work alongside.

"Liz is a guiding light. She is a healer with the soul of a hummingbird. When you are lost and scared, you suddenly notice this little spark of light and driven by curiosity you follow it. With each step closer you get stronger and filled with love. She just hugs you with her presence and you are ready to put all your armour down, and let her, together with you wander through your soul's garden discovering its magic.

She maybe doesn't know you, but she knows similar paths, because she has walked them when she was trying to find the core of herself, and she did it. She found it. She knows how challenging it may be, that's why she is here, to guide you through and encourage you when you want to run away and hide in the cave where you feel safe, even if it is cold and dark, just because you are used to it.

But she is here to show you the possibilities of abundance and love, and she knows that all of it is already inside you, because once she found all of it in herself."

"Finally, someone that gets it!"


These are often the words I hear during one of the first sessions with a client. Sometimes in life we can feel misunderstood, different or simply feel like we are not being heard. I have been told that one of my superpowers is my ability to listen, and I will create and honour the space for you to feel that you do matter and you are heard.

It is often said that we have to learn what we are here to teach. Now, I do not profess to know what it is like to have gone through what you have, to witness what you may have witnessed or to experience the events you have. But I have had my journey and thanks to that can offer you support, ideas, tools and that listening ear as you walk your path. I cannot walk it for you, but I can walk it alongside you.

So what actually is Life Coaching?


Working with me is very much about looking and moving forward. It is about acknowledging what has happened in the past, and coming up with some ways to ensure it the past doesn't continue to have a hold on us.

Maybe something has happened for you that will mean that life will never be the same again. Together we will find a new path for you, one that recognises what you have been through and will start to bring hope and light to your journey again.

It is about small steps, that will start you moving in the right direction, connecting back to you, helping you to feel inspired and ultimately learning to love yourself and life once more.

Working Together

Is what you have read so far resonating?

Do you feel that you are ready to start moving forward? Sometimes clients say they are done with talking about the past, they want some steps to help them look to the the future. They are ready to start making some changes in their life. They are wanting to say yes to life once more.

No two people are the same, no two sets of needs are the same. Therefore with me, no two coaching programmes are the same. Guided by you and what you want to achieve we will come up with a plan suited to your needs. I want my clients to see results. Therefore you can contact me in between sessions, because if you are struggling, I want to know about it, get you back on the path and moving forward again....

Upcoming Events

What are you needing right now?

The events listed below are the ones I run, but am open to hear what you may be after. I can bring workshops to your home, where you get to invite your friends and share in a soul-nourishing time together. Or maybe there is something that you would like to bring to your group, your workplace or your community, I am totally open for a conversation around that.

There is something special about group work. There is that reminder that we are not on our own, that others will be or have experienced what we are going through, as well as the gift of shared experiences, wisdom and learning.

  • The Journey of Self Love
  • $10
    per 2 hour event.
  • want to understand what has been holding you back.
  • want to recognise the signs of when things are going 'wonky'
  • want to start loving yourself once again.
  • want to start loving life more.
  • Enquire
  • Soul Board Workshop
  • $37
    per 3 hour workshop
  • feel lost, and not entirely sure who you are anymore.
  • want to connect back to who you truly are.
  • want to learn more about what makes your heart sing.
  • are ready to step up and be who you were born to be.
  • Inspired Living
  • $597
    per 8 week course
  • want to release some 'old stuff' that is no longer serving you.
  • want to have more clarity and direction.
  • are ready to start applying some new ideas.
  • are ready to take responsibility for your life.


My goal is to help you to reconnect back to you. I would love to help you live a happier, more authentic life equipped with tools and understandings to be able to continue to grow without my help.