To all the gentle men.

My heart aches. I have met some incredible men through my coaching and worked with some awesome ones this week. My heart really does ache for what they have been through, what others have put them through and subsequently what they then put themselves through. This country needs them to be their true authentic selves,

I get lonely too.

“I understand.” I said. “I get lonely too.” We were having a talk about how a client was struggling coming out of a relationship and no longer having friends around and a support network. She seemed surprised when I shared this. I went on to say that I have actually done a lot of learning

40 thoughts on my 40th.

Celebrating forty years on this planet. Came up with forty thoughts that are important to me. Which resonate with you…. Have faith.  You can look at life with doubt, fear and uncertainty, or with faith, love and adventure. Laugh.  Find a way.  Whether it is laughter yoga, silly YouTube clips or that friend that just

Motivation a problem?

There are many reasons why we can lose motivation, feel stuck or even start sabotaging our efforts.  After talking with clients I have come up with some reasons and some potential solutions that may help to get you moving again – that is if that’s what you’re meant to be doing….. Fear – Even if
life coaching course banner
Recently I received this feedback from a beautiful soul that I have been working with.  Her words seem to sum up what life coaching is in such a beautiful way, I thought I would share for those that may be wondering if it is for them or someone they love….. *What did you hope to

What Maori can’t sing?

That was that question that Skippy was asked at a karoake event one night, and he replied “you’re looking at one!” Skippy was born with problems to his vocal chords, and did not start speaking till he was 7/8 and even then it was a mumble he remembers. The nickname Dumby soon caught on and

Ten thoughts on forgiveness

“No way, how can I ever forgive them for what they did?”  It can seem a massive mountain to climb when we are faced with forgiving someone, and certainly not a process that will happen with a click of our fingers or overnight.  It takes time. Forgiveness can be described as the letting go of

The atrocities hit home.

Travelling in The Netherlands last week, and a friend pointed out the Stolpersteine discreetly placed in to the cobble stones on the street. The first ones she pointed out marked the names of three members of the same family, and the date they were killed in Auschwitz. The oldest was 27, the youngest was 3.


My goal is to help you to reconnect back to you. I would love to help you live a happier, more authentic life equipped with tools and understandings to be able to continue to grow without my help.